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APFED's Hope on the Horizon Research Fund

HOPE gives us courage. HOPE gives strength. HOPE lets us imagine a different tomorrow.

APFED is dedicated to HOPE by funding research that leads us to a better understanding of eosinophilic associated diseases. Our Hope on the Horizon Research Fund, supported entirely by your donations, provides researchers an opportunity to submit grant proposals for funding, in a peer-review process.

These awards allow investigators from a variety of disciplines to initiate new projects relevant to eosinophil associated diseases. Many focus on the development of new ideas which are likely to lead to future external funding to further development of less invasive testing, new treatments and ultimately a cure.

Partnerships are the cornerstone of progress. In 2012, we also partnered with the Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Education and Research Organization, Inc. (ARTrust™) to offer a co-funded pilot grant.

APFED's Hope on the Horizon Research Fund started in 2006, and as of March, 2013, the fund has enabled us to contribute more than $1 million in support of 24 research studies. In addition, we have funded approximately $60,000 in support of research meetings and research programs at host institutions where we present our annual conference.

APFED looks forward to offering additional grants to support research on eosinophil associated diseases. Please consider a donation today in support of our efforts, and consider asking friends and family do to the same (our "Just A Glimpse" and "Life without Food" videos are great to share). With the community coming together, we can make a tremendous impact on the lives of those living with eosinophil associated disorders.     Donate Now

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