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Grant Recipients



2014 Hope APFED/ARTrust™ Pilot Grant Award

The 2014 Hope APFED/ARTrust™ Pilot Grant Award is the result of a collaborative effort between APFED and the Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Education and Research Organization, Inc. (ARTrust™), and was established to allow investigators from a variety of disciplines to initiate new projects relevant to eosinophilic diseases, with a focus on the development of new ideas which are likely to lead to future external funding. Please join us in congratulating the recipient of this year's award, Dr. Michiko K. Oyoshi.

Michiko K. Oyoshi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Boston Children's Hospital

Hope APFED/ARTrust™ Pilot Grant Award Amount: $140,000 over a 2-year period, co-funded between APFED and ARTrust™

Project: “Mechanisms of Eosinophil Recruitment to Esophagitis Driven by Cutaneous Sensitization”Dr. Oyoshi’s research will focus on an innovative approach to define the underlying mechanism for the development of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)

Patient Impact: A better understand the role of eosinophols and their products, and how these play a part in EoE could lead to new treatments for the disease.


2014 HOPE Pilot Research Grant

APFED is proud to support the following HOPE Pilot Research Grant in 2014. Congratulations to Dr. Masterson for her grant-winning proposal. We look forward to her valuable contribution to eosinophil research.

Joanne Masterson, PhD
Instructor of Pediatrics
Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Diseases Program
Digestive Health Institute
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Mucosal Inflammation Program
University of Colorado School of Medicine

HOPE Pilot Grant Amount: $50,000 for a 1-year period
HIF signaling and mucosal healing in EoE

Dr. Masterson’s research will provide a greater understanding of the signaling pathway of certain cells involved with EoE as they relate to inflammation caused by oxygen deficiency in cells and tissue. Her research will help determine whether or not this signaling mediates a critical link between conditions that cause inflammation and how the mucosal tissue heals after it is damaged by EoE.

Patient Impact: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of HIF signaling pathway in EoE may lead to new ways to treat the disease. 


Letters of Appreciation - Researchers express gratitude for grants received through APFED's Hope on the Horizon Research Fund.