Trick or Treat for APFED


Each year children (and adults!) use Halloween as a time to raise both awareness and funds for research of eosinophil-associated diseases.

Instead of trick-or-treating for candy that they may not be able to eat, these dedicated members of our community collect donations to support APFED’s Hope on the Horizon Research Fund.

Please join us for the 15th annual Trick or Treat for APFED campaign this year, and encourage others to do the same!

There are several ways to get involved:

Go door to door– On Halloween night, trick or treat as usual, but instead of accepting candy, request a donation to APFED.

Give collection cans to others– Increase your fundraising by creating a “collection kit” for neighbors and friends. Follow these steps on this page to get started.

Involve schools and workplaces- Have your child decorate an APFED donation collection can  and ask your child’s school or your workplace for permission to display it during the month of October.  Personalize your can by asking your child to include a few words about what it is like to live with an eosinophil-associated disease. Ask people to donate $1 or more to APFED’s HOPE on the Horizon Research Fund. Spare change works too!  Every penny brings us closer to a cure!

Host a Food-Free Trunk or Treat– Gather friends and families to a local school parking lot, neighborhood cul de sac, or a local park and invite them to decorate the trunk of their car in a Halloween theme. Ask participants to pass out inexpensive, non-food treats (e.g., stickers, bookmarks, fun-shaped erasers, etc.). Display collection cans to accept donations to benefit APFED’s research program.

Fun Way for Kids to Raise Awareness this Season

Join APFED as we work to bring attention to eosinophil-associated diseases (EAD) during the week of Halloween, October 25-31, and help kids with dietary restrictions to feel included in Halloween activities like trick or treating.

We’ll share stories and pictures on social media that week so that children can see others just like them who share similar challenges, but still have fun!

Have your child create a poster or sign that shares a fact about EAD, or depicts what life is like with the disease,  and take a picture of them in their Halloween costume holding the poster.

E-mail your photos prior to Oct. 25 to with your consent to share via APFED’s social media channels, and your child may be selected to be highlighted.

Steps for Creating a Collection Can

1. Start by customizing a letter to explain the campaign to others.
2. Create collection containers

a) Designate empty, clean containers, such as:

  • Formula cans
  • Small coffee cans
  • Tall potato chip cans
  • Gallon/quart size tip-top plastic baggies:


b) Decorate your collection container. Ideas:

  • Download and print awareness ribbons and use it to cover your container.
  • Download and print an APFED logo wrapper.
  • Cover containers with photos of your child.
  • Cover containers with papers decorated by your child.

3. Print participation ribbons .
4. Distribute the collection containers and participation ribbons at least 2 weeks prior to Halloween.
5. On Halloween night, print and sign thank you cards. Hand them out as you pick up collection containers (look for participation ribbons that you’ve asked your neighbors to hang!)

Take a collection container to work– Create a collection container using awareness ribbons or an APFED logo wrapper  and take it to work and ask coworkers for their support. Customize and display a letter with the can to explain your cause.

To Submit Your Collection:

Convert all donations to one check, note that it is for the 2017 Trick of Treat for APFED campaign and mail to:

PO Box 29545
Atlanta, GA 30359-0545Don’t forget to e-mail a picture of your child dressed in costume holding their collection container to, so that we can share it with others!
Cute idea! Some families create a ghost by wrapping a Dum-Dums® lollipop with a napkin or tissue, and tying a ribbon around with a note attached that explains eos. They hand these out on Halloween to help spread awareness.Cute Idea! Some families create a ghost by wrapping a Dum-Dums® lollipop with a napkin or tissue, and tying a ribbon around with a note attached that explains eos. They hand these out on Halloween to help spread awareness.

You can make a lasting impression by dressing up as a ghost to match your awareness treats!

Good luck, and thank you for your support!

Other Resources
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