Panelist application – 2018 HES Patient Conference

The HES Patient Conference will include three sessions featuring patient perspectives. For each session, a brief initial patient panel discussion will begin the dialogue. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion inviting comments from other patients and conference participants in the audience. Webcast participants will also have an opportunity to provide input through webcast comments. 

If you are interested in providing comments as part of the initial panel discussion, please use the form below to apply to be a panelist. Answers to the following discussion questions will help facilitate sessions during the conference. Please provide brief answers to each of the questions to help inform us about your experiences.

Patients are invited to participate in discussion. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer panelist to help kick off discussion, please indicate so during the registration process and complete the application, below. Applications must be complete by January 19. It is preferred panelists be in physical attendance at the meeting, however, phone-in panelists will also be considered. Panelists will be confirmed prior to the meeting.


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