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Jennifer Cardenas
The Right to Learn
Trained Advocate from the Parent Leadership Support Project

Jennifer Cardenas is special education advocate at The Right to Learn Education Advocacy organization. Through this organization, she works to help families obtain the appropriate support for their child in academic environments while bridging the gap between schools and families. Ms. Cardenas was trained through the Parent Leadership Support Project from the Georgia Advocacy Office and has extensive experience in IEP/504 initiation, records review, dispute resolution, and goal setting. Please note that Ms. Cardenas is not an attorney. If you have legal issues, please consult an education attorney. Regulations may vary from state to state.

YouTubeThumbnailCardenas1(1)What is Section 504 and how does it impact sending a child to school with an eosinophilic disorder? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas2(1)What are the most important things to know about advocating for my child?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas3(1)How do I inform my child’s school and what information do they need to know? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas4(1)What are strategies to help a child who may be experiencing bullying at school?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas5(1)Does eligibility for a 504 plan require an impact on the child’s academic performance? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas6(1)Why is a 504 plan so important to have for my child?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas7(1)Do the same laws apply in private schools? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas8(1)How do I help my whole family understand my child’s eosinophilic disorder?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas9(1)Do you think families should consider working with a family therapist when a child has a chronic disease such as EoE? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas10(1)What if there is no school nurse on site at my child’s school?

Recorded Webinar:
Sending your Child to School with an Eosinophilic Disorder with Jennifer Cardenas. October 11, 2012.

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