For Family and Friends

For Family and Friends
If someone you love has been diagnosed with an eosinophil-associated disease, they need your support more than ever.  Here are ways you can offer it:

  1. Learn about eosinophil-associated diseases and they type of subset that your loved one is managing.
  2. Understand that although your loved one may look perfectly fine on the outside, the symptoms that he or she may complain about are real and not imaginary.
  3. Be supportive of dietary restrictions. While it may seem as if your loved one is adhering to an overly restricted diet, keep in mind it is a necessity, not a choice. He or she is likely working with a health care professional and trialing many foods in an attempt to find what is triggering symptoms.  Don’t be surprised if one food may be eaten one day, but is off-limits the next day.
  4. Keep in mind your loved one may be fatigued. Eosinophil-associated diseases are rare, and in addition to managing symptoms, he or she may feel anxious, overwhelmed, and misunderstood. Offering to run an errand, babysit, or drive him or her to a doctor’s appointment is likely to be greatly appreciated.
  5. Show your support by creating awareness on social media, and encouraging the public to become more aware. APFED’s YouTube Channel has several educational videos available as well as Pinterest pins that are great for raising awareness.
  6. Make a donation to APFED in honor of your friend, or organize a fundraiser to benefit APFED’s Hope on the Horizon Research program.