A Statement from APFED

June 6, 2020

We are deeply saddened by recent events in America. APFED stands united and unwavering against discrimination, prejudice, and inequality. We recognize the emotional and physical harm caused by racism and discrimination and we are committed in our resolve for positive change.

As a patient advocacy organization, we recognize that health inequities are intertwined with systemic racism. To be effective patient advocates, we must strive for equal and affordable access to specialists, tests, medical foods, clinical trials, and treatments, in order to improve health-related outcomes for everyone.

APFED stands for equity in health care and research, and we look forward to continuing the conversation on how these issues can be addressed. In the interim, we will continue to make information and educational resources freely available through outreach efforts across the nation.

We also encourage our community members to continue sharing with us their experiences and journeys so that we may better understand unmet needs in order to more effectively advocate for our community. If you have questions, comments or would like to share your experiences, please contact us at support@apfed.org.