Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Twenty years ago, APFED was launched to support patients and families living with eosinophil-associated diseases through education, awareness, advocacy, and research.

APFED is a partnership that brings together patients, families, researchers, healthcare providers, and stakeholders. You are the reason we are celebrating two decades of progress this year!

Join us as we celebrate this special milestone together!


Join Our Heroes Bring HOPE Challenge

Participate in APFED's Heroes Bring HOPE Challenge and help us raise $100,000 this year to fund a new research study!

Ways to Help Us Reach Our Goal

  • Make a donation to APFED. If your employer offers a matching gifts program, take advantage of it!
  • Set up a virtual fundraiser on your social media account (e.g., Facebook) to benefit APFED and ask your friends to support our cause.
  • Organize a 10% day at a local business and donate proceeds to APFED.
  • Team up with direct sale businesses (e.g., Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.) and donate a percentage of your party sales to APFED’s Heroes Bring HOPE Challenge.

Progress Toward Goal

Updated September 1, 2021:

Thanks to a generous donor, we have already surpassed our original $50,000 goal for our Heroes Bring HOPE Challenge! To date, we have raised over $82,000 and that’s only through August!

Thank you to all our generous supporters! Let’s raise the bar to $100,000 so that we can help fund a second research initiative. Together, we can bring HOPE to those with eosinophil-associated diseases!

Share a Video Message!

Share a video message to community members in celebration of all that we’ve achieved together over the past 20 years!

The purpose of these messages is to celebrate the many patients, families, providers, researchers, and partners who make up our community and have contributed to education, awareness, advocacy, and research advances for eosinophil-associated diseases.

It's easy to record a video message (2 minutes or less) on a computer or mobile device.

Make sure you have good lighting, minimal background noise, and, if recording from a cell phone, have it positioned  horizontally.

Use one of these prompts to help you get started:

    • The landscape of eosinophil diseases has changed over the past 20 years by….  APFED’s patient community contributed to those advances by….
    • From my perspective, over the past 20 years, a few of the most exciting advances for eosinophil diseases have been…..  APFED’s patient community contributed to those advances by….
    • APFED’s community helped support me/my family/my clinic, practice, or patient care over the past 20 years by….
    • Patient involvement in research has evolved over the past 20 years by….  APFED’s community has played a role in that evolution by…

To wrap up your video, please extend a happy anniversary message to all of our community,  wishing them luck and encouragement as we continue on the path toward a cure!

APFED will review submissions with an aim to share them on our social media and other communication platforms throughout the year.


Questions? Please contact