Hike for HOPE

APFED’s Virtual Hike for HOPE Weekend – October 17 and 18, 2020

APFED’s  Hope on the Horizon Research Program, which awards grants for innovative research proposals, is supported entirely by donations, and we need your help!

Please join us for our first Virtual Hike on the Charity Miles app, the weekend of October 17-18.

We invite you to download/use the free Charity Miles app on your smartphone and join our Hike team! All proceeds will benefit APFED’s HOPE on the Horizon Research Program.

Here’s How to Start:

  1. Register for Hike for HOPE on Eventbrite so that we can track participants who may be eligible for a prize (scroll for details). The Hike for HOPE raises money for research, and the $10 registration ‘fee will be applied directly to the fund.
  2. Download/open the Charity Miles app on your smartphone. Tap on the icon of three people in the lower right hand corner of the screen. (It’s the third icon; see image below.)

Under the rotating graphics, type in “APFED” in “Search for Team” bar and choose APFED’s Virtual Hike for Hope Weekend (you will log your miles on Oct. 17 and 18.)

  1. Tell your family and friends you are participating in this virtual event and ask them to sponsor your participation by making a donation to APFED in your honor on this webpage.

Sample message to share: I am participating in APFED’s virtual Hike for HOPE on Oct.17-18!! I’d love to raise at least $200 to support critical research of eosinophil-associated diseases. Please consider helping me reach my goal by making a donation at apfed.org in honor of my efforts (there is a field to add my name in the “Honor of” section of the form). Thank you for helping to support this charity organization!

  1. On October 17 and 18, open the Charity Miles app and log your activity (we’ll send you a reminder)! Walk, run, bike, dance or do any activity you wish. After the Hike for HOPE ends, APFED will ‘tally the number of miles our team has collectively logged and will share results with participants. We’ll also tally donations raised per registrant so that a prize may be awarded to those who are eligible.
  2. Prizes

    APFED will award prizes to the top three registered participants who have the highest total dollar amount (minimum $200) of donations made to APFED in their honor by October 24, 2020.

    ● First Prize: $100 Amazon gift card

    ● Second Prize $50 Amazon gift card

    ● Third Prize $25 Amazon gift card

Participants must be registered for this event, and have a minimum of $200 in total donations to APFED made in their honor by 11:59pm ET on October 24, 2020 to qualify for a prize. Winners will be notified by email.

Donations may be made through apfed.org, or by mail to APFED’s office (PO Box 29545, Atlanta, GA 30359). Please include a note that the donation is to be applied to Hike for HOPE and note the participant who is being honored.

What is Charity Miles? Why this Platform?

APFED depends on donations to fund research grants. Due to COVID restrictions, our 2020 in-person events were canceled. APFED partnered with Charity Miles to provide our supporters with a safe and social distance-friendly way to continue driving advances in research.

Charity Miles is a free app for iPhone and Android users. It tracks activities such as walking, running, biking and more.

To continue using Charity Miles after the Hike for HOPE ends, you may create a personalized page to share with friends and track pledges. Charity Miles does not take a percentage of donations, so we can apply all full proceeds from pledges to research.

Can’t join us for our Hike for HOPE?

If you are not able to participate in APFED’s Hike for HOPE Oct. 17-18, 2020, but wish to donate to the cause, please do so on apfed.org.

Questions? Please contact Julie Forrest at jforrest@apfed.org.