Back to School with APFED

August 8, 2018

Back to school time is almost here, and it’s time to pave the way for a successful new school year!  Did you know that APFED offers a wealth of free resources and tools online to support children with eosinophilic-associated diseases (EADs) in a school environment?

The  School Advocacy section at serves as a toolkit for parents, students, and educators on how to navigate the school year with an EAD. We’ve developed a variety of helpful information, documents and forms to help students have a safe, rewarding experience at school. Guidance and tools are available on the following topics:

•    Section 504 Eligibility and Individual Education Plan (IEP) Eligibility
•    Accommodations for Elementary Schools and Middle and High Schools
•    Managing EAD at College
•    Frequently Asked Questions
•    Info for School Staff
•    Templates and Forms
•    Sample 504 Meeting Request and Evaluation Request

Looking for school-related videos? Visit APFED’s YouTube Channel for videos and webinars focusing on topics such as student’s rights in the school setting, accommodations, managing EoE at college, and strategies to help students self-advocate:

Working together, we can help our schools keep students with EAD feeling safe and included. APFED wishes everyone a wonderful new school year!