Webinar Series Zahka


Nicole Zahka, PhD
Staff Psychologist
Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Zahka joined the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology in 2011 as a staff psychologist after completing her residency and fellowship in pediatric psychology at DuPont Hospital for Children. She works with the Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders and is interested in factors that contribute to individual and family resiliency, adjustment to and coping with chronic illness, anxiety and related disorders, and behavior management during early childhood.

YouTubeThumbnailCardenas1(1)How do you help teens cope with feeling different? How do you help young children with feeling different? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas2(1)What can I tell my teen to help them understand the importance of staying away from foods that they love?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas3(1)What are the signs of depression in a child or teen? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas4(1)How do you help children move into adolescence with an eosinophilic disorder?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas5(1)How do you help other family members or caregivers understand the management of your child’s eosinophilic disorder? YouTubeThumbnailCardenas6(1)How can a parent approach the problem of their child not complying with the treatment plan for this disease?
YouTubeThumbnailCardenas7(1)Should I worry that my child’s dietary restrictions will turn into an eating disorder?