10 Simple Ways to Support for NEAW 2017

May 8, 2017

May 14-20 is National Eosinophil Awareness Week, and there are plenty of proactive things you can do to make an impact. Here are 10 easy things you can do to mark NEAW 2017. Need more ideas? Check out our Day-by-Day Guide of Suggested Activities.

1.  Share Words that Inspire Others: READ for EAD is a new way to get involved in NEAW. It’s easy to take part—and your words can have a big impact during NEAW! Just pick an inspiring quote, passage from a book, a poem, or song lyric and someone to dedicate it to. Share a video of yourself reading with the hashtag #READ4EAD, and challenge others to join you.

2. Go Magenta! Did you know that magenta is the official color of awareness for eosinophil-associated diseases? Help start the conversation about EADs by painting your nails or wearing magenta. If people ask about it, share information or literature, such as our handout “Can you say EOSINOPHILIC?”

3. Educate Yourself and Others: Take some time read up on eosinophil-associated diseases (EADs) and choose three facts to share with your Facebook friends by posting them as a status update during NEAW week. Use the hashtag #NEAW2017 to spread awareness even further!

4. Put a Ribbon on It: Download  and display our awareness ribbons on your social media profiles AND explain why you have done so.

5. Shop for Eos Merchandise like t-shirts, wristbands and buttons in our Gift Store and become a walking billboard of awareness for eosinophil-associated diseases!

6. Check out out NEAW toolkits for  individual supporters  and health care professionals and organizations. They include all the resources and information you need to start your own NEAW campaign.

7. Stay current! Sign up for APFED’s monthly e-newletter and get the latest news, research updates, events calendar and much more. Receive even more benefits by becoming a member of APFED.

8. Participate in a fundraiser or start your own. Check out our events page for fundraisers going on around NEAW, including a HOPE on the Horizon Walk in Kingsville, MD and a golf tournament in Green Lane, PA.  Or host a bake sale, lemonade stand,  or yard sale with proceeds benefiting our Hope on the Horizon Research Fund. Contact Julie Forrest at jforrest@apfed.org so we can assist you in the fundraising process.

9. Help advance research! Take a moment and enroll in a patient registry to help researchers better understand eosinophil-associated diseases. Learn about the Eosinophil.Connect Patient Registry and the RDCRN Contact Registry for EGIDs.

10. Donate. Make a donation to our Hope on the Horizon Research Fund and ask others to do so too. All individual donations, matching gifts, and proceeds from fundraising events for APFED will count toward our $150,000 HOPE Challenge goal!

What are YOU doing during May 14-20 to help increase awareness during National Eosinophil Awareness Week? Share on the official NEAW Facebook Page!