Living with a chronic illness can be overwhelming. The information in this section is designed to offer resources to help individuals and caregivers better cope with life with an eosinophil associated disease. We will be adding additional resources to this page as they become available.

In this article, pediatric psychologist Mary Kinnert, Ph.D. discusses signs of depression in children and adolescents and how a specialist can help. Learn more.

Wise Advice from Others on Coping with a Chronic Illness

The mother of a young child with EoE shares helpful advice she learned along her journey that helped her cope with the challenges of having a child who has an EGID. Learn more.

Adults Living with EGIDs

This page is designed to provide information and strategies to help adults cope and manage life with their disease, and to answer frequently asked questions.


Psychologist Nicole Zahka, Ph.D. offers a series of recorded segments that will help families support children who have an eosinophil associated disease. Learn more.

Psychologist Tiffany Taft presented a webinar on Hypervigilance and Anxiety in EoE Patients to discuss findings from her research that looked at measuring symptom anxiety and hypervigilance in those who have EoE. A recording is available.


Additional Resources