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What Have Attendees Said About APFED’s Conference?

“Attending this conference gives me the confidence to understand my child’s condition and research related to the conditions so that I can better care and advocate for my child and speak to her doctors.”

“As the parent of a recently-diagnosed patient, the conference has been an invaluable way to learn more about the latest research in the area and interact with top doctors and researchers about their work.”

“The APFED conference provides high-quality information from some of the field’s top researchers and clinicians, all in an understandable format and for a very reasonable cost. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner who has cared for patients with eos since 2006. A year ago, I also became an ‘EoE mom’ when my son was diagnosed. This conference meets my needs as both!”

“The speakers are amazing. I learned a ton. I love meeting new friends. I have never seen my son happier.”

“The conference was incredibly helpful in clarifying and increasing my understanding of my son’s disease, giving me a road map of the current research, treatments, and the biology regarding eosinophil diseases.”

“It was good to see the positive steps forward in understanding and treating disease more specifically towards each patient. To meet families who have dealt with the disease for years, and those who were just diagnosed, and finding we are all dealing with the same social issues, family issues, and medical questions was comforting. It made us feel less alone.”

“The opportunity to spend time talking to the doctors treating and researching the disease, plus other people having similar experiences as myself is worth the trip, every time.”

“This was my first time attending. I was so impressed with the entire program. The information was pertinent, it was user-friendly, the coordinators were helpful and organized. Everyone was friendly and answered any questions we had.”

“Even though my son was diagnosed three years ago, there is still so much to learn about EoE. I feel I came away with new and more knowledge to further my collaboration with his doctors.”

“I have been searching for the words that would express the profound sense of community I felt this week. I still don’t have them. I will simply say, thank you. Thank you for the forum, transparency, willingness, stranger love, and care. To know you are not alone and to see you are not alone are two different things. I have NEVER seen [my son] so happy to be around others like him.”

“In all ways, my son and I benefit. There is nothing like being among people who ‘get it!’”

“Very informative! Thank you!”

“If I learned nothing from coming to an APFED conference – which I did, by the way! – it is worth it to see my child be able to relate to like-minded peers who are going through the same things.”

“Very well-organized and thoughtful event. I would love to come every year!”

“So much wonderful information to take home to continue our treatments for our son and improve our advocacy for him.”

“Such a wonderful event to bring together the EGIDs community for education, support, and fun!”

“A great place to learn what is happening in research and treatment advances for patients.”

“I will be a better advocate for us now!”

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